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The listing below contains all the product categories listed on SavorWisconsin.com. Click on a product category to find businesses that offer products in that category.

Bakery and Desserts

  Apple Cider Donuts
  Bakery Ingredients
  Baking Powder
  Baking Soda
  Bread and Bread Products
  Breakfast Cereals
  Desserts, cake
  Desserts, cheesecake
  Desserts, Cupcakes
  Desserts, frozen
  Desserts, mixes
  Desserts, pies
  Desserts, ready-to-eat
  Gluten-Free Bread
  Mixes for baking
  Pie Fillings
  Yeast, Food Grade

Beverages and Spirits

  Beer, nonalcoholic
  Beverage: barley
  Beverage: preparation, mixes
  Coffee Creamer, non-dairy
  Cream or Milk Substitues
  Flavorings, beverage bases
  Juice, Cranberry
  Juice, Fruit
  Juice, Mixed
  Juice, Vegetable
  Milk-based drinks
  Mineral Water
  Soft drinks, carbonated
  Sports drink
  Tea, Herbal
  Teas, herbal
  Water, bottled
  Water, with sugar or flavorings
  Wine, sparkling

Books and Communications

  Fiction Books
  Video Production

Candy and Confections

  Candy novelties
  Candy, hard
  Candy, non-chocolate
  Candy, sugar free dietetic
  Carmel Corn
  Chewing Gum
  Chocolate, bars
  Chocolate, candy
  Cocoa Powder, containing sugar
  Cocoa Powder, unsweetened
  Other Chocolate Products


  Aged Asiago
  Aged Brick
  Aged Cheddar
  Aged Gouda
  Aged Provolone
  Aged Swiss
  Anejo Enchilado
  Baby Swiss
  Bakers Cheese
  Basket Cheese
  Bel Paese
  Cheddar Cold Pack
  Cheese Sauce
  Cheese souvenirs
  Cheese, Organic
  Cheese, Sheep
  Colby-Monterey Jack
  Cold Pack
  Cottage Cheese
  Cream Cheese
  Crema Mexicana
  Duro Blando
  Goat Cheeses
  Italian Sharp
  Jibneh Arabia
  Koch Kase
  Kosher Cheese
  Low Sodium
  Mint Cheese, Folded
  Monterey Jack
  Mozzarella, Fresh
  Natural Cheese Blends
  Pasteurized Processed
  Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food
  Pasteurized Processed Cheese Spread
  Pasteurized Processed Nacho
  Pizza Cheese
  Queso Blanco
  Queso Blanco para Freir
  Queso del Rancho
  Queso Estillo de Chihuahua
  Queso Fresco
  Queso Quesadilla
  Queso Seco
  Sheep Cheeses
  Yogurt Cheese


  Antique Cars
  Car parts

Dairy Products

  Acid whey powder
  Butter Blends
  Butter Milk
  Buttermilk Powder
  Cheese Powder
  Condensed buttermilk
  Condensed whey
  Cottage Cheese
  Cottage Cheese Curd
  Cream products
  Dairy blends, milk
  Dairy blends, whey
  Demineralized whey
  Dried cream
  Egg nog
  Enzyme Modified Cheese
  Fluid milk
  Frozen Custard
  Grass Fed Dairy Products
  Hydrolyzed (reduced lactose) whey
  Ice Cream
  Ice Cream Cones/toppings
  Ice Cream mix
  Liquid Veal Food
  Milk and Cream
  Milk fat
  Milk Powder
  Milk, grass-fed
  Natural Cheese Flavors
  Non-Fat dry milk
  Powdered Yogurt
  Salted Butter
  Sour Cream
  Sweet dairy whey
  Unsalted Butter
  Whey and casein
  Whey cream
  Whey protein concentrate
  Whey protein isolate
  Whole Milk Powder
  Yogurt, fresh
  Yogurt, frozen

Decorations, Arts and Crafts

  Crochet, Hand
  Dried Flowers
  Fall decorative products
  Fine Art
  Fine Art Prints
  Greeting Cards


  Brown Eggs
  Duck Eggs
  Emu Eggs
  Geese Eggs

Field Crops

  Mint and mint oil
  Mustard seed
  Organic field crops
  Sunflower seeds

Fish and Seafood

  Arctic Char
  Baitfish, chubs
  Baitfish, fathead minnows
  Canned Fish
  Cod, Fresh
  Cod, Frozen
  Crab, Fresh
  Crabmeat, Fresh
  Crabmeat, Frozen
  Cuttlefish and Squid
  Dungenes Crab, Frozen
  Fee Fishing
  Fish Fillets
  Fish, Chilled
  Fish, Dried/Smoked/Salted
  Fish, Edible
  Fish, Edible, Live
  Fish, Feeder Stock
  Fish, Frozen
  Fish, Ornamental
  Game Fish, bass, largemouth
  Game fish, bass, smallmouth
  Game Fish, muskellunge
  Game Fish, northern pike
  Game Fish, other
  Game Fish, sturgeon
  Game Fish, walleye
  King Crab, Frozen
  Lobster, Fresh
  Lobster, Frozen
  Nonfish, crawfish
  Nonfish, frogs
  Nonfish, other
  Nonfish, plant species
  Panfish, bluegill
  Panfish, crappie
  Panfish, hybrid bluegill
  Panfish, sunfish
  Panfish, tilapia
  Panfish, yellow (lake) perch
  Perch, Fresh
  Perch, Frozen
  Roe, Dried/Smoked/Salted
  Roe, Frozen
  Salmon, atlantic
  Salmon, coho
  Salmon, Fresh
  Salmon, Frozen
  Salmon, other
  Shrimp, Fresh
  Shrimp, Frozen
  Smoked Fish
  Snails, (other than sea snails)
  Snow Crab, Frozen
  Spreads, fish
  Spreads, seafood
  Trout, brook
  Trout, brown
  Trout, Fresh
  Trout, Frozen
  Trout, kamloop
  Trout, Lake
  Trout, other
  Trout, rainbow
  Trout, tiger
  Whitefish, Fresh
  Whitefish, Frozen

Flowers, Plants and Trees

  Annual Plants
  balled and burlaapped trees, ornamental trees in p
  Bedding Plants
  Berry/Fruit Plants
  Bulb/Tuberous Roots
  Christmas Trees
  Christmas Trees, pre-cut
  Christmas Trees. cut-your-own
  Colored Corn
  Corn Stalks
  Cut Flowers
  Cuttings/Slips, Live
  Everlasting Flowers
  Foliage, Cut
  Herbaceous Plants
  Mosses and Lichens
  Mushroom Spawn
  Native Plants
  Perennial Plants
  Potting Soil
  Shrubs and Bushes
  Soil Enhancers
  Tree and Shrub
  Trees, Fruit
  Trees, Nut
  Turf, Sod
  Wreaths and boughs


  Apples, canned
  Apples, Fresh
  Apples, frozen
  Apricots, canned
  Apricots, Fresh
  Apricots, Frozen
  Aronia Berry
  Berries, Canned
  Blackberries, canned
  Blackberries, Fresh
  Blackberries, Frozen
  Blueberries, canned
  Blueberries, Fresh
  Blueberries, Frozen
  Cantaloupes, Fresh
  Cherries, canned
  Cherries, Fresh
  Cherries, Frozen
  Cranberries, canned
  Cranberries, Fresh
  Cranberries, Frozen
  Fruit , canned
  Fruit, citrus, fresh
  Fruit, Dried
  Fruit, Frozen
  Fruit, miscellaneous, canned
  Fruit, tropical, misc., fresh
  Grapes, canned
  Grapes, Fresh
  Kiwifruit, fresh
  Melons, Fresh
  Nuts & Dried Fruit mixture
  Paw Paw
  Peaches, canned
  Peaches, fresh
  Peaches, Frozen
  Pears, canned
  Pears, fresh
  Peel, Citrus
  Plums, canned
  Plums, Fresh
  Plums, Frozen
  Raspberries, canned
  Raspberries, Fresh
  Raspberries, Frozen
  Strawberries, canned
  Strawberries, Fresh
  Strawberries, Frozen
  Watermelon, Fresh

Gift Baskets

  Food Items
  Non-food items

Grains and Flour

  Barley, rolled or flaked
  Corn Starch
  Corn, field
  Corn, field, white
  Corn, field, yellow
  Flax seed
  Flour, buckwheat
  Flour, corn
  Flour, rice
  Flour, sorghum
  Flour, wheat
  Grains, organic
  Grains, specialty
  Hops and hop extract
  Malt, barley
  Meal, corn
  Meal, oat
  Oats, perled
  Oats, rolled or flaked
  Wheat Germ
  Wheat Gluten
  Wild Rice


  Ginseng Root
  Ginseng, Capsules
  Herbs, Medicinal

Home and Home Furnishing

  Business cards, veneer
  Counter tops
  Furniture, Outdoor
  Furniture, Residential
  Kitchen supplies
  laser engraved portraits
  Plank Cooking Boards
  Wood cremation urns, laser engraved

Home Tools and Equipment

  Excavating Equipment
  Gas/Diesel Power Units
  Lawn and Garden Equipment
  Prefabricated Buildings

Honey and Honey Products

  Bees Wax Candles
  Beeswax, bleached
  Honey Candy
  Honey products other
  Honey Spreads
  Honey Straws

Industrial Materials and Supplies

  A.I. Equipment
  Ag Safety Supplies
  chemical and microbiological services
  Crop Production Machinery
  Custom Steel Fabrication
  Dairy Farm Equipment
  Dairy Processing Equipment
  food and ingredient testing
  Food Processing Equipment
  Grain Elevators
  Grain Processing Systems
  Harvesting Equipment
  Industrial Equipment
  Livestock Raising Equipment
  Machinery Parts
  nutritional testing
  Organic Fertilizers
  Refrigeration, Coolers
  Spraying/Irrigation Equipment
  Storage Tanks and Bins
  Trailers/Wagons/Truck Beds
  water testing

Live Animals

  Bison and buffalo
  Cattle, Beef
  Cattle, Dairy
  Eggs for hatching
  Embryos, cattle
  Exotic live animals
  Fur Bearing Animals
  Horses, draft
  Pets - Cats
  Pets - Dogs
  Pets - Misc.
  Pets, Birds
  Semen, cattle

Maple Syrup and Syrups

  Apple Syrup
  Maple Candy
  Maple Cream
  Maple Sugar
  Maple Syrup
  Syrup, cranberry
  Syrup, other

Meat and Poultry

  Beef Jerky
  Beef, canned
  Beef, carcasses, chilled
  Beef, carcasses, frozen
  Beef, chilled
  Beef, fresh
  Beef, frozen
  Beef, Grass-fed
  Beef, halal, frozen
  Beef, kosher, frozen
  Beef, Organic
  Beef, processed
  Beef, salted or dried
  Bison and buffalo
  Chicken meat, halal
  Chicken meat, kosher
  Chicken meat, whole
  Chicken, parts
  Custom Raised
  Deer Venison
  Duck Meat
  Elk Meat
  German Sausage
  Goat Meat
  Goose Meat
  Ham, canned
  Ham, processed
  Liver, Poultry
  Offals, bovine
  Offals, Swine
  Pickled Meats
  Pork Cracklins
  Pork Rinds
  Pork, chilled
  Pork, frozen
  Pork, Organic
  Processed Meats
  Quail Meat
  Rabbit Meat
  Sausage Links
  Sausage. Ring Bologna
  Sausage: chorizo
  Sausage: salami
  Sausage: specialty
  Sausages, beef
  Sausages, other
  Sausages, pork
  Snack Sticks
  Summer Sausage
  Turkey, parts
  Turkey, whole
  Weiners, beef
  Weiners, pork
  Wild Game
  Wild Game, smoked

Niche Products

  Dietetic Foods
  Dietetic Foods, Prepared
  Ethnic Foods
  Gluten Free
  Health Foods, Prepared

Nuts and Edible Seeds

  Almonds, Roasted
  Black Walnuts
  Nuts and Dried Fruits Mixture
  Nuts, flavored
  Nuts, Mixed, Roasted
  Nuts, Roasted
  Peanuts, raw, in shell
  Peanuts, raw, shelled
  Pistachios, Roasted
  Pumpkin Seeds
  Safflower Seed
  Sun Flower Seed
  Sunflower Seed, edible, shelled
  Sunflower Seeds

Oils and Fats

  Oil, Blends
  Oil, Fish
  Oil, Linseed
  Oil, Mint
  Oil, Nut
  Oil, Salad & Cooking
  Oil, Soybean
  Oil, Sunflower
  Oil, Tallow, not emulsified
  Oleic Acid
  Stearic Acid
  Tallow, edible
  Tallow, inedible
  Waxes, Vegetables

Packaging and Materials

  Packaging Equipment

Personal Care

  Aloe Vera Products
  Body care products
  Protein Concentrates
  Skin Care
  Soap, cold processed
  Supplements, Food

Pet Food and Supplies

  Alfalfa bales
  Alfalfa cubes
  Alfalfa pellets
  Bird feed/seed
  Cat food
  Dairy Feeds
  Dog food
  Equine feeds
  Feed supplements
  Fish feed
  Hay, baled
  Livestock Feed
  Milk replacers
  Millet sprays
  Organic Feeds
  Pet treats
  Poultry feeds
  Small Animal Feed
  Swine Feed
  Veterinary Consulting
  Yeast, feed grade

Prepared Foods and Meals

  Noodles, egg
  Pasta, stuffed
  Pasta, uncooked
  Pizza/Pizza Products
  Pre-packaged Meals
  Prepared Mixes
  Soups and Soup Mixes
  Soy, processed
  Tex-Mix Foods

Sauces, Jams, Jellies and Condiments

  Olives, marinated
  Peanut Butter
  Salad Dressings
  Salad Oils
  Sauces, barbecue
  Sauces, hot
  Sauces, miscellaneous
  Sauces, specialty
  Sauces, steak
  Vinegar, flavored
  Vinegared Vegetables

Seasonings, Spices and Extracts

  Ginseng, Extract
  Horseradish sauces
  Licorice, Extract
  Salad dressing

Snack Foods

  Beef Jerky
  Corn Chips
  Energy Bars
  Jerky, other
  Popcorn, Caramel
  Popcorn, flavored
  Potato Chips
  Pretzels, flavored
  Protein Bars
  Snack Mix
  Soy Nuts
  Trail Mix

Special Activities

  Corn Maze
  Cross Country Skiing
  CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  Farm Tours
  Historic Sites
  Horseback Riding
  On-farm Bed and Breakfast
  Petting Zoo
  Pumpkin Patch
  Sleigh Rides
  Tractor Museums
  Walking Tours


  Asparagus, Canned
  Asparagus, Fresh
  Asparagus, Frozen
  Beans, Canned
  Beans, Dried
  Beans, Dried, Dehydrated
  Beans, Frozen
  Beans, Organic
  Beets, fresh
  Bok Choy
  Broccoli, Fresh
  Broccoli, Frozen
  Brussel Sprouts
  Cabbage, Canned
  Carrots, baby
  Carrots, Fresh
  Cauliflower, Canned
  Cauliflower, Fresh
  Cauliflower, Frozen
  Celery, Frozen
  Chili Peppers
  Chillis, Canned
  Corn, Calico
  Corn, sweet
  Corn, Sweet, Canned
  Corn, Sweet, Fresh
  Corn, Sweet, Frozen
  Cucumber, Canned
  Cucumbers, Frozen
  Egg Plant
  Garlic, Canned
  Garlic, Dried
  Garlic, Fresh
  Garlic, Frozen
  Gourds, Edible
  Gourds, Ornamental
  Jerusaleum artichokes
  Lentils, Dried
  Lentils, organic
  Lettuce, Frozen
  Lettuce, Green Leaf, Fresh
  Lettuce, Head, Fresh
  Lettuce, Romain, Fresh
  Lettuce, Romaine, Fresh
  Mushroom, Canned
  Mushrooms, Dried
  Mushrooms, Fresh
  Mushrooms, Frozen
  Mushrooms, pickled
  Olives, Canned
  Onions, Canned
  Onions, Dried
  Onions, Fresh
  Onions, Frozen
  Onions, Processed
  Peas, Canned
  Peas, Dried
  Peas, Fresh
  Peas, frozen
  Peas, organic
  Peas, snap
  Peas, snow
  Peas, sugar
  Peppers, Canned
  Peppers, Green
  Peppers, hot
  Peppers, Red
  Peppers, Yellow
  Potato Granules
  Potatoes, Canned
  Potatoes, Dried
  Potatoes, Fresh
  Potatoes, Frozen
  Potatoes, Frozen: French Fries
  Potatoes, Frozen: Hashbrowns
  Potatoes, Red, Fresh
  Potatoes, Yellow, Fresh
  Pumpkin (pie)
  Pumpkin, Frozen
  Pumpkin, ornamental
  Pumpkin, pie
  Rhubarb, Frozen
  Salad Mix
  Squash (Summer)
  Squash (Winter)
  Squash, Canned
  Squash, Frozen
  Sugar Beets
  Sweet Potatoes
  Swiss Chard
  Tomato Paste
  Tomato Puree
  Tomatoes, Canned
  Tomatoes, Fresh
  Tomatoes, Frozen
  Tomatoes, Heirloom
  Vegetables, Canned, Misc.
  Vegetables, Dried, Misc.
  Vegetables, Fresh, Misc.
  Vegetables, Frozen, Misc.
  Vegetables, Organic, Canned, Misc.
  Vegetables, Organic, Dried, Misc.
  Vegetables, Organic, Fresh, Misc.
  Vegetables, Organic, Frozen, Misc.

Wood and Wood Products

  Cabinetry/cabinet parts
  Doors and Frames
  Log Homes
  Millwork and Molding
  Pulp/forestry equipment
  Railroad Ties
  Venner Logs
  Wood chips/shavings

Wool, Hide and Animal Products

  Alpaca Fiber Hat
  Alpaca Fiber Scarf
  Alpaca Fiber Socks
  Animal Products, Medicinal
  Bird Feathers and Down
  Blood, dried
  Carded Wool
  Cow Skulls
  Deer Antlers/Horns
  Elk Antlers/Horns
  Felted Products
  Hair, horse
  Hides and Skins
  Knitting Kits
  Raw Wool
  Sausage, casing
  Sheep and Lamb Wool
  Sheep Fleece
  Velvet Antler
  Velvet Antler Capsules
  Wool Clothing
  Yak Fibers
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