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Let the creativity begin with Something Special from Wisconsin™ ™

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What if you could find one website that could help you please the coffee lover and the green thumb on your holiday shopping list and, at the same time, help you entertain all year round with delicious cheeses, meats and other treats? What if that website also could help you find unique products grown or made by Wisconsin farmers or food processors?

Something Special from Wisconsin™ has you covered. Visit somethingspecialwi.com and “Let the Creativity Begin.”

Zoey Brooks, Wisconsin’s 67th Alice in Dairyland, will be working in coming weeks to spread the word through media interviews about the more than 450 companies that are Something Special from Wisconsin™ members.

“The Holiday season is a wonderful time to give thanks and support to our hardworking farmers, agribusinesses, and food processors,” Brooks said. “They provide us with the delicious food products that are the center of our get-togethers year round.”
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The Something Special from Wisconsin™ website can direct you to company websites or to stores in your community where you can stock up on products showing the red Something Special from Wisconsin™ sticker. That easy-to-find sticker guarantees that at least half of a product’s ingredients were grown or processed in Wisconsin. Products include handmade soaps, wine from Wisconsin-grown grapes, cheese made in Wisconsin using milk from Wisconsin cows, and much more.

“The Something Special from Wisconsin™ program makes it easy to support Wisconsin farms and businesses by giving you a sure sign that you're buying local this season,” Brooks said.

Something Special from Wisconsin™ is a trademarked marketing program that the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has administered since 1983. The Alice in Dairyland program, also managed by DATCP, works to educate Wisconsin media professionals and consumers about the importance of agriculture to Wisconsin’s economy and quality of life.

To learn more about the work Brooks is doing this holiday season and beyond, visit her travel blog at wisconsinagconnection.com/alice, or keep in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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