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Sweet, Savory Maple Syrup

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This year's Alice in Dairyland, Jill Makovec, participating in a maple syrup tapping event at Sandman's Sugar Bush in Elmwood, WI. (Photo: Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association)
Wisconsin’s very own pure gold is currently flowing through our state’s sugar maples.

“Maple syrup is one of the important facets of Wisconsin agriculture,” stated Jill Makovec, 60th Alice in Dairyland, as she kicked-off Wisconsin Maple Month, which runs March 15 – April 15. “Thanks to 400,000 taps across the state, Wisconsin produces over 100,000 gallons of this delicious, natural sweetener.”

Wisconsin maple producers rank 4th in national maple syrup production. Their quality maple syrup products are available at local farmers markets, natural food stores, co-ops, supermarkets, and right on the farm. Watch for opportunities to visit sugarbushes and shacks in your area to see the sap turned into pure Wisconsin maple syrup.

But there’s more than just syrup, Wisconsin maple syrup producers make confections and candies, maple cream, maple butter, and even maple sugar. Plus these sweet delicacies are nutritious containing trace amino acids, calcium, potassium and iron.

Being slightly sweeter than cane sugar, maple syrup has fewer calories than corn syrup or sugar. In fact you can substitute sugar for maple syrup in your favorite recipe, just use ¾ of a cup of syrup for every cup of sugar.

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Another maple bonus is that this industry is renewable. Taps are only placed an inch into the tree and don’t cause any permanent damage. This process allows producers to tap the same trees year after year.

Make sure to add Wisconsin real maple syrup to your next pancake, waffle or French toast. Or sweeten your sweet potatoes, squash or baked goods with Wisconsin Pure Gold – Maple Syrup.

Click here to find maple syrup products and producers on SavorWisconsin.com.

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