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Autumn Colors from the Fall Harvest

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While northern Wisconsin’s forests are afire with color, Wisconsin’s fall flavors are the real reason to head north. Autumn produce is full of diversity, just like Wisconsin agriculture.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try one of the over 300 varieties of apples grown in northern Wisconsin. Talk about a color spread, apples can be green, golden, red or caramel if you dip them! The sweet treat of honey is also perfect for the season as extraction starts in September.

Also fresh from the marsh, Wisconsin state fruit is out of the bog and ready to be enjoyed – Remember that cranberries go with anything. And let’s not forget about using a home-grown pumpkin to make a sweet slice of pie.

Among all these sweets, don’t forget the vegetables. Yellow, green and orange squash dot the fields, late season sweet corn is waiting to be husked and potatoes are ready to be unearthed.

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These are just a sample of the tastes that await you! As autumn advances and harvest time is upon us, enjoy this year’s bounty from a farmer’s market, roadside stand or even at a local festival. Make a connection with freshly picked produce that radiates the fall colors and is illuminating with freshness right here from the Heartland.

Click Here to search for fall harvest products in your area.

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